Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Services address dynamic/static balance, gross motor coordination/skills (i.e. sitting, rolling, crawling, walking, running), motor planning and gait difficulties etc.

We provide Physical Therapy consults, evaluations, and treatment services

Your child may benefit from physical therapy services if they display a decrease in:

  •  Gait:  patterns by which the child is able to walk
  •  Posture: alignment of the body during various movements
  •  Range of Motion: how far the joint can extend through flexion & extension
  •  Reflexes:  Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex (ATNR), tonic labyrinthine, palmar grasp
  •  Strength: against gravity
  •  Static and Dynamic Balance/coordination: equilibrium, tilting and righting reactions
  •  Tone: hypotonicity & hypertonicity

Treatment Activities Include:  Stretch and strengthening activities, Movement patterns activities, Improving balance/and coordination skills, Improving postural control, and Gait training