Occupational Therapy

Occupations are meaningful activities of individual’s everyday lives. Occupational Therapist assist in encouraging independence by providing services to address fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing and modulation, handwriting skills, visual motor skills, cognition skills, social-emotional skills, basic receptive/expressive language skills, and self-help skills.

We provide Occupational Therapy consults, evaluations and treatment services.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy services if they display a decrease in:

  • Poor fine motor & gross motor skills
  • Decreased eye hand coordination
  • Over/under responsive to sensory input
  • Touches people or objects constantly (seeking sensory input)
  • Crashes and/or bangs into people or objects
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Difficulty with sitting still, attention, behavior and/or calming self
  • Reactive to feel of clothing, or daily routine
  • Limited play skills
  • Difficulty transitioning from one task to another

We offer a variety of OT activities & therapeutic techniques to promote the child’s development, incorporating play to best meet your children’s needs when creating a sensory diet/home program.


 All sessions are 60 minutes where parents are encouraged to participate in therapy, as they are an integral part of a child’s treatment. 

Service Techniques/Theories Our Therapist Utilize:

  • Sensory Integration Techniques– (SI)
  • Developmental Oral Motor/Feeding Techniques
  • Neuro-Developmental Theory– (NDT)
  • Fine Motor & Handwriting Techniques
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Tissue Massage

In-home Programs Include:

  • Home Maintenance Programs
  • Sensory Diets
  • Community Integration Activities & sessions (i.e. park, school, library)
  • Family Education
  • Adaptations and /or AD to support the developmental success